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Agricultural Volunteerism Program
Connecting People to the Land of Israel


>>A unique opportunity for volunteers of all ages to work the land, learn about its history and make a difference for farmers in need.

12-80 year-old volunteers | 10-200 volunteers in each group | 3-24 hours of volunteer work | 12 locations across the Negev and Galilee | 15,455 volunteers annually from Israel and abroad

The Agricultural Volunteering program is an innovative method of connecting Jews from all corners of the world to the land of Israel. This dynamic program provides a unique opportunity for volunteers of all ages to work the land, learn about its history and effectively help farmers in need. Established in 2011, the program has grown immensely popular, hosting over 15,455 volunteers in 2015. Volunteers have a deeply meaningful experience, connecting to the land and discovering their roots while developing a unique bond with new friends from near and far. Their experience plants a seed in their hearts and minds, the Land of Israel becoming a part of their very beings. Hosting groups from Israel and abroad, the Agricultural Volunteering program brings together a wide range of people for an instrumental one-day experience, providing indispensable work on farms and ranches most in need. Volunteers are comprised of: 12 to 18 year-old adolescents, including youth movements, high school students and pre-army preparatory programs, 18 to 21 year-old young adults, mainly army units in the midst of their most significant national service; as well as 12 to 80 year-old tourists, families, mission delegates and Israel educational program participants. Working in groups of 10 to 200, volunteers give up to one day of their time with a singular mission: to help cultivate the land of Israel. Meeting at one of twelve farm locations in the Negev and the Galilee, volunteers begin their day with a discussion of the significance of the land and the importance of creating a presence in the field. They go on to repair cut fences, herd sheep, erect property markers, feed calves, and plant and harvest crops. Beyond its instrumental contribution to the farms, the work itself holds unique significance, embodying the history, land and people - from harvesting age-old olives trees of historic value to building stone terraces like those of our forefathers. "The morning we spent as a community on the Farm, the perimeter for unwanted intruders and wandering cattle, was one of the most incredible experiences of our time in Israel. There was a remarkable bond clearly established between our friends and family to the Land of Israel and its historic roots of agriculture and farming. KolHakavod to HaShomerHaChadash for enabling us to experience this strong connection and in recognizing this critical need for ensuring a strong future and continuity of our farms and farming community in Israel.” – Andy Heller, New York City