Impact Now… and in the Future

HaShomer HaChadash Impact in measureable achievements:

By strengthening the national priority areas of the Negev and the Galilee and

safeguarding the open pastures and forests at risk of abandonment, the organization

is in effect implementing a containment policy that will secure Jewish-owned land

and ensure a demographic balance in Israel.HaShomer HaChadash believes, and is supported by Professor Soffer's findings, thatprevention of the abandonment of just 1,000 acres can in turn affect other, largerareas of land a phenomenon Soffer calls the battle thread."

Furthermore, it presents the impactand influence of the organization in the areas outlined in our mission statementas well as feedback from the farmers and ranchers who received assistance fromHaShomer HaChadash.


Farmland and Forest Watch- Preventing Land Abandonment:

HaShomer HaChadash safeguards and engages in agricultural grazing activities on 67,320acres of pasture and farmland in the Negev and the Galilee and 92,665 acres of forest in theGalilee region in partnership with KKL-JNF.


Leading Educational Programs participation measurement:


Awareness Reach:

In May of this year, 2015, HaShomer HaChadash interviewed over 500 Israelis above the age of18, 50% male and 50% female, to examine awareness, familiarity and attitude towards theorganization. Among the key concluding points from the survey:

31%of interviewees had heardof HaShomer HaChadashwith no prompting

80%of interviewees hada positive opinion ofHaShomer HaChadash

79% of interviewees believe it isimportant HaShomer HaChadashcontinues to operate(41% extremely, 38% somewhat)

The activities deemed most important by interviewees were (1) connecting the youngergeneration to the love of the land, followed by (2) helping farmers.

The organization will build on existing efforts, which according to the survey, have garneredawareness among approximately 1.94 million Israeli Jews to date.


This past year 2014-15 has seen continued growth and success across all HaShomer HaChadash volunteeractivities and educational programs. We close 2015 with 48 activity centers effectively securing159,985 acres of land with the aim to safeguard a total of 247,105 acres of agricultural land inthe Negev and the Galilee by 2018.

HaShomer HaChadash also seeks to increase the number of young people engaged in valueoriented,educational and volunteer programs to 50,000 in the next three years, strengtheningthe social fabric of Israeli society and ensuring a stronger future for the State of Israel. HaShomerHaChadash will continue to expand public awareness and legislative support for our activities toguarantee the Land of Israel for future generations.