A Woman Rancher Speaks Out
Blond-hair, blue-eyed Ayelet Gordon is a tough woman. As one of Israel's only woman ranchers, she has raised three children alone, and struggled every day to maintain the precious herd of over 200 cattle on Kibbutz Yohanan in the Galilee.

A Woman Rancher Speaks Out 
"Last year, when more than 30 calves were stolen from me, I hit rock bottom," explains Ayelet. "I crashed. I sat by myself in the field and didn't know what to do. Suddenly, Yoel Zilberman asked me if I was interested in establishing an observation post of HaShomer HaChadash in Ramat Yohanan."

"In a short period of time, ten strong men filled with motivation were standing in front of me, saying: "Come, I'll help you; come, I'll lift that up for you. It's amazing. I had a hard time keeping up with them," says Ayelet.

"They sleep in sleeping bags, fight mosquitoes, drink black coffee, eat halva, and HaShomer HaChadash takes care of everything. In the afternoons they have lessons on Zionism, hand-to-hand combat training, topography, geography, Judaism and Arabic studies."

"Ever since they've been here – I have some peace and quiet," says Ayelet with an infectious smile. "I can't evaluate that in money. Last winter new volunteers arrived; they slept in the field on their first night and didn't even know that they prevented a burglary. In the morning I showed them – look, here they cut the fence; here they almost stole my calves."

"It is already difficult being a farmer and livingon the edge; with all the other trouble it is no wonder that this kind of life is dying out. HaShomer HaChadash is giving us new hope."