Our Mission

Our Vision


Our Mission Our Path Our Impact To create a Zionist movement that invigorates our collective obligation to the land of Israel, to our history and to each other as brothers.


Our Mission


To safeguard the land of Israel in the Galilee and Negev through education and social action.


Our Path


Farmers and ranchers throughout the north and south of Israel are in a constant battle to protect their land from criminal infiltrators. Abandoning this land would be a historic and strategic loss for the Jewish nation. HaShomerHaChadash seeks to prevent this calamity by educating thousands of people on the spiritual, historic and strategic value of the physical land of Israel. People today, especially our youth, are disconnected from the land, unaware of its spiritual and physical significance to Israel's past and her future. By educating today's youth and our future generations, we create a deep connection to our homeland and an understanding for its role in the survival of our People. HaShomerHaChadash embraces the land as a significant part of our heritage and brings the educational experience to the farms, ranches, fields and valleys of the country. HaShomerHaChadash's inspires social activism through its programs, aimed at assisting farmers and ranchers among who struggle on a daily basis to maintain their land.


Our Impact


HaShomerHaChadash has made a significant change in the physical and moral landscape of Israel. The organization has educated youth, empowered volunteers, protected land and inspired mutual responsibility. Farmers and ranchers are measurably safer and prosperous because of our activities. Land that would otherwise have been abandoned remains within their possession, and hence within the hands of the People of Israel. HaShomerHaChadash was the recipient of the 2011 Menachem Begin Prize for our "Zionist activity assuring the security of Israel's citizens, and for being a leading model for mutual responsibility and civil courage within Israeli Society." HaShomerHaChadash was the recipient of the 2015 Moskowitz Prize, The Lion of Zion Award, for Outstanding Zionism and Leadership for the State of Israel.