Brigadier General (res.) Ram Shmueli, Chairman

Brigadier General (res.) Ram Shmueli served in the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) for almost 30 years, where he held a number of leading positions. His sterling military career included Head of Intelligence of Israel’s Air Force, Commander of the Ramat David and Ovda Air Force Bases and commander of an F-16 fighter squadron. Shmueli accumulated more than 5000 flight hours of which 350 were operational sorties beyond the enemy boarder. Shmueli has managed million dollar budgets as well as managed and supervised a number of innovative educational and environmental projects for the army.

Following his honorary discharge in 2007 from active service, Shmueli turned his considerable talents to the field of education. He has been active in initiating and promoting educational projects in the NGO sector and has served as Chairman of The Education Fund and TALI Education Network, Founder of Education-Cities and Founder of the “Connecting – Building a Future Together” initiative. Shmueli has been an advisor and assistant to Israel’s Minister of Education and to the Director General of the Ministry of Education.

Shmueli holds a BA in Middle Eastern Studies from Haifa University and an MA in Government Studies from Harvard University. He, his wife and four children live in the north where they lead an agrarian life producing organic olive oil.