Yoel Zilberman

Yoel Zilberman, 27, was born on Moshav Tzippori in the Lower Galilee. He is a third generation Israeli rancher. From a young age, he was taught the values of love of land and country.

Before his mandatory army service, Zilberman did an 18-month pre-army preparatory program at the Ma'ayan Baruch Mechina, followed by an additional mechina program. It was here that he became deeply involved in Zionist and textual study, and in social activism.

During his army service, Zilberman served in the Navy's most elite commando unit (Shayetet). He saw active duty in both the Second Lebanon and Gaza Wars. In 2007, while he was in an officer's training course, his father sat the family down and told them that he could not hold the family's sprawling ranch in the face of thieves and marauders. He was on the verge of bankruptcy. Zilberman moved into action. He took leave from the army and set up an outpost on his father's property to guard the land. His friends joined him to patrol at night. Other farmers and ranchers asked Zilberman if he could also patrol their land.

In April 2008, HaShomer HaChadash - The New Israeli Guardians was born, and in February 2009, Zilberman was discharged from the army.

Today, Zilberman is the CEO of the organization and co-founder On Rifman is the Educational Director. They are dedicated to creating a more just, caring and mutually responsible society.

Zilberman is studying for his BA in Islamic and Middle Eastern studies at the Open University. At the same time, he teaches social entrepreneurship at the Ein Prat Leadership Academy in Kfar Adumim.

Zilberman is one of 19 outstanding young social leaders chosen by President Shimon Peres to form a social entrepreneurship "think tank", which brings together young people

from all walks of life. He lives in Kfar Adumim and is married to Tal, who is currently in medical school.