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HaShomer HaChadash offers an exciting array of visit options and mission activities. Meet the strong, idealistic participants in the Young Leadership Program. Speak with the volunteer guards and hear their incredible stories. See up close and personal the complex land issues in the Galilee and the Negev, and hear the inside stories of Israel’s little known ranchers and farmers.

Groups can climb to one of the outposts in the Galilee. From a mountaintop they can see vast tracks of land and get rare insight into the challenges in the Galilee. In the Negev, individuals and groups can visit isolated farms and see how they struggle to keep on, and how the support of HaShomer HaChadash volunteers is essential to them.

Mission participants can work the land building terraces for farmers to keep their animals from straying, repair fencing, or take care of the domestic farm animals.

Visits are tailored for individual groups and can be crafted to meet all mission and visitors’ specifications.

To arrange a mission or for further information contact:
Ainat Israel-Bin-Nun,
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Phone: +972.50.881.8191