Meir Har Zion

MEIR2In March we learned of the sad news of the passing away of Meir Har-Zion.

The newspapers hurried to publish biographical articles filled with our history.

Dozens of people sent their consolations online.

None of this was in vain.

Meir was a fighter who became the symbol of IDF and Israeli heroism. He served in Ariel Sharon’s Unit 101 and in the Paratroopers, and was one of the founders of the elite ‘SayeretMatkal’ reconnaissance unit. His military activities earned him a reputation as an exceptionally skilled soldier and officer.


Starting off with being present on the ground
Meir’s strong courage and connection to the land could be seen from his youth. Even as a schoolboy, in elementary school and high school, he spent most of his time in the field, hiking and going out on different adventures.
At 17, he took his sister Shoshana, then 14, on a hike around the Kinneret.
In BiqaatBetiha, then under Syrian control, they were arrested and held in a Syrian prison for a month.
Later, he undertook a journey with his girlfriend Rachel Savorai to the ‘forbidden city’ of Petra in Jordan.
This journey inspired many Israeli youth, who dreamed of going on similar journeys.
In 1954, Meir’s sister Shoshana Har-Zion went hiking in the Judean desert with her friend OdedWegmeister, both 18 years old.
The two were killed, and their bodies were found six weeks later in Jordanian-controlled territory, inhabited by the Rashaida Bedouin tribe.
Meir and his friends carried out revenge operations.

Connecting Spirit and Land
“Once, Spirit gave the people Land, and said: it is yours forever, you shall never forget me.
When the people forgot the Spirit, they were forced to leave the land. Two thousand years later, Spirit forgave them and returned them.
When the people had Land again, they once again forgot the Spirit, and it then turned out that without Spirit, it became very difficult to guard the Land, and that without the Land, the people had no existence.”

These words were spoken by Meir Har-Zion z”l, who passed away last week, and we are bound to remember them forever.
In the spirit of these words, the ‘New Hashomer’ organization was set up.
Love of the land is the basic value that we teach every day. But it is not enough. Our connection to the land is based on millennia of history and spirituality.
We must not forget the reason that we are here, defending our lands.
The Jewish People are deeply rooted in the land and in the earth, and the land is connected to them.
If one of the two is abandoned, huge disasters are likely to come about.

This is why we, in the New Hashomer, work on both fronts - educating the best of our daughters and sons in various programs of Jewish values, Zionism and history, while guarding, defending and developing the land of Israel.

Mourning his loss

Apart from being a fighter and a leader, Meir was also a father.
His son, SelaHar-Zion, is a member in our Executive Board Committee, and we all send him our heartfelt condolences.
Yoel Silberman, the Founder and Executive Director of the organization, wrote about Meir last week:

“A Legendary warrior, unique in his generation, who found new levels of bravery and courage in our people.Har Zion will remain, for us and for many others, a role model for inspiration and imitation.”

A fearless spirit of leadership and love of the land are the main aspects of his heritage which we must adopt.


May his memory be blessed forever  יהי זכרו ברוך