DORON-250Meet Doron, aged 29 from Tel Aviv, coordinator of GarinTzabar for lone soldiers, who heard about our work from friends and decided to volunteer! “I always felt that there’s a problem with people’s security, people who have to put up with theft, and I wanted to help in any way I could. I felt it was right, and something I could take pride in doing.”


DORON-250-B"We’re all busy. We all work, study, look after families. It’s not easy to take time out of our everyday lives and come to a night of guard duty, sometimes a couple hours’ drive away from our homes. But there are those for whom helping others, committing to a cause, giving and doing are all greater, more significant and more satisfying than a comfortable night in watching TV. "



Doron regularly volunteers in safeguarding the lands around Yavniel. Once in 3 or 4 months he comes to do a night shift, and stays from 8 p.m until 6a.m in the morning. For him, it’s also quality time with friends: “You have five good friends sitting together, with a bonfire, coffee, mats, food, onions and potatoes, and you talk all night.”




 We asked Doron why he thinks it’s important to volunteer: “When we’re patrolling the grazing lands, it forms a sense of deterrence, encourages the farmer’s spirit, creates loyalty and strengthens us as a people. Of course, it also satisfies me and gives me a great feeling.”


Doron calls you to volunteer too! “I’m inviting people to join in an ideal that I believe in –creating mutual responsibility - in order to make us a stronger society, and also to have more fun on safeguaring duty.”


Want to join?


Details on volunteering here: http://bit.ly/1arEcig