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Here’s What We Do…

 Farmlan watch activities 

Observation Posts are strategic posts set up to create a presence on massive tracks of farm and ranch land. They are manned by volunteer guardsmen and serve as the main base for the volunteer operations in the Negev and the Galilee. There are currently 23 observation posts. More… 


Young Leadership Program 

This transformative pre-army program trains a cadre of young Jewish-Zionist leaders who care about the land of Israel, connection to the land, volunteerism and activism. The 14-month work-study program includes intensive field training, Jewish textual study, Zionism and actual manning of observation posts. It is inspires young Israelis to take collective responsibility.. More…



Lone Farms in the Negev

HaShomer HaChadash student volunteers live on Lone Family Farms in the Negev, creating a strong presence that discourages marauders and assisting in the farm work. Students receive a full university scholarship.. More…

Agricultural Volunteerism
Volunteers from Israel and around the world, crossing all political, ethnic and religious lines volunteer on farms and ranches from one day to one week. They plant, herd sheep, repair broken and cut fences, build terraces and feed young calves. Mission participants and tourists are frequent volunteers. More…

Ma’ahal V’Migdal – New Directions in the Negev

Provide post army Israelis with a program that offers employment and training in the agricultural sector in the Negev, in-depth study into their Jewish-Zionist identity and history, and the chance to engage in meaningful work to help farmers and ranchers in the Negev to protect their land. They will be joined by college students and graduates from overseas Jewish communities. More…