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The Ministry for Development of the Negev and the Galilee

Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development

Government ministry responsible for agriculture and rural space.
Among the firm's main activities: planning and development of
settlement, agriculture and the countryside, providing veterinary
services, soil conservation and drainage. The firm collaborates
with public agencies


Grazing Authority

Grazing Authority

Represents the cowboys and stockmen raising livestock,
preserving and protecting open spaces in.



Impact Program

By FIDF organization continues to support the soldiers even after
their military service. FIDF works for the welfare of soldiers and their
families through educational programs, social, economic, and
cultural rights and the establishment of well-being. Organization
aims to strengthen ties between communities American soldiers
of the IDF and the State of Israel.



A.M.B.L Beef Cattle Growers Association

The organization brings together about 55 and about cooperative
herds - 105 family herds comprising 90% of cattle herds in the
country and include up from 45.000 head of cattleThe only
organization of growers and fattening of beef cattle in Israel.

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